MIG Vs. Stick Welding: Which is Better!

MIG Vs. Stick Welding

The debate between MIG vs. stick welding isn’t a new one, but it’s an important one. When it comes down to the perfect combination of speed, dependability, and price, MIG welding will always come out on top. The MIG and stick welding processes are the most common types of welding used, and they have their … Read more

How can you Identify Good Weld vs Bad Weld

Good weld vs Bad Weld Weldinguru

The welding process is one of the most efficient construction processes in the modern world, and not surprisingly, it is applied in most industries, from cars to aircraft. With careful choice of materials and a skilled weld operator, welds can be very safe. But there are also risks involved with working with metal at high … Read more