Can Welding Make You Blind? Things to Watch Out!

can welding make you blind

Welding can save lives and build communities. It can strengthen bridges, repair roads, and make buildings and homes safer.  Welders are an irreplaceable part of the workforce, often providing functions that other trades cannot perform. These are just some of the many valuable things that welding does. Can welding make you blind? The main thing … Read more

Effects Of Welding On Eyes: Effects & Remedies!

effects of welding on eyes

Welding is a trade where the welder has to deal with dangerous conditions, and not wearing protective eye gear can lead to serious eye injuries. In this article, I will discuss the effects of welding on the eyes. Due to the potential severity of the consequences, welders must be adequately trained, and precautions should be … Read more

How to Weld Brass to Brass: 5 Steps Guide

How to Weld Brass to Brass

Have you ever tried to weld brass together? It is not a straightforward operation as brass is an alloy and will melt at a much lower temperature than the melting point of pure copper. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and there are a number of other metals present in small amounts, so … Read more

How to Weld Aluminum with a Spool Gun? Beginner To Advance Guide!

How to Weld Aluminum with a Spool Gun

Despite the increasing demand for aluminum welding, there is still a dire need to educate those who wish to take up aluminum welding as a profession. This has necessitated extensive research into the various methods and processes that are used in aluminum welding. Lightweight, corrosion-resistant Aluminum has long been popular with industrial designers and builders. … Read more